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The most sublime spiral staircases in London

Spiral staircases are some of the most striking features of an interior design. Although the general concept is a circular motion heading towards the sky, there are many sublime treats to experience dotted around Great Britain’s capital city. With a little bit of imagination and using circular stairs in kit form, you may be able to put one into your home.

So let’s take a look at the most sublime spiral staircases in London and feel inspired and awestruck!

The Wellcome Collection in Euston

Sir Henry Wellcome made his fortune and notoriety turning medical powders into medical pills. Over his life, he gathered around two million items which are on display in the Wellcome Collection. A visit to the exhibition gives you the added visual delight of seeing a spectacular spiral staircase. The stairs cost over a £1m and were designed in 2015.

Sir Henry started the Wellcome Trust before he died. Currently, it is the world’s richest charity. The exhibits and the stairs can be enjoyed in the trust’s free museum.

Fortnum & Mason anniversary spiral staircase

To celebrate their 300 year anniversary, Fortnum & Mason commissioned the staircase which can be seen at their London branch in 2007. The spiral staircase is quite striking in white against the red carpeted floor.

Although it did not sit well with the press when first installed, many now revere it as a masterpiece

City Hall

London’s City Hall ‘Whirl’ is a contemporary addition to this list. It was designed by Foster + Partners and follows the concept of not having a discernible ‘front’ or ‘back’. The light airy design is to reflect the transparency of democracy.

Pretentious? Possibly but there is no denying it is an architectural wonder.

The Lutyen’s stair

Originally installed in the Midland’s Bank HQ and now part of the ‘Ned’ hotel, the Lutyen Stair was designed by Edwin Lutyen in the 1920s.

The spiral staircase spans 15 floors making every floor accessible in the building. It is no longer on public view and hotel staff use it to access all floors of the hotel. If you ask one of them nicely they may let you take a look.

The Dean’s stair

The Dean’s Stair situated in St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Built in 1705 the steps are one of the most impressive sights to behold in St Pauls. Although it appears like the steps are built into the wall each one has been designed to take the weight of the one that rests above it.

The staircase has been used in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Fans will recognise it as the entrance to Professor Trelawney’s divination classroom.

There are 88 steps that rise to fifty feet.

Spiral staircases for the home

If you are inspired to install a spiral staircase and why wouldn’t you be you’ll be pleased to know they are not as expensive as you think and often add value to a home. Try Fontanot Shop UK in the first instance. They have plenty of impressive designs which will free up space and give your home character, just like the staircases above.

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