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Ryanair brutally mock’s Boris over Christmas parties with an ‘inappropriate’ Covid alert level chart sparking outrage

Ryanair has posted a tweet which brutally mocks the Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a chart mocking the UK’s Covid alert level.

The low cost airline posted a tweet which reads, “The UK Covid Alert Level has been increased from Level 3 to Level 4.”

Following the UK’s Health and Security Agency raising the alert level many customers panicked over the travel restrictions.

The chart shows that at alert level 5, which is the highest, there will be a “Full on rave. Everyone off their tits. Jacob crying in the corner asking for nanny.”

The chart says at level 4, “Boris topless, asking Thatcher’s portrait if she comes here often.”

Then level 3, “Booze, snogging, Gove in charge of refreshment,” with level 2 saying, “Tinsel, party hats, PM hosting pub quiz.”

At level one Ryanair’s Coronavirs alert level chart says, “Small gathering with win and cheese.”

Ryanair’s Twitter post has caused much backlash with users saying this was “inappropriate” and not funny.

Twitter user Jayne Bangert replied, “Your timing is as good as your flights – at least 1 person has died of omicron in UK confirmed by Boris Johnson.”

Another user named David Wilson said, “Glad you find it funny. I am terrified of our government & what could be ahead.

“I fear for LIVELIHOODS & families being separated again; division and discrimination from vax passports.

“But go on, laugh it up.”

Whilst user Paul Turner echoed: “In such appallingly bad taste. Not even remotely amusing.”

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