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A guide to Ring Stacking

If you are a jewellery connoisseur, you must be familiar with stacker rings or the fashion of ring stacking. Ring stacking is a sweet and emotional jewellery trend where women or men can stack their fingers with rings commemorating the milestones of life. 

In another way, it could be a fashion trend where multiple rings are stacked on a finger. Usually, ring stackers start off by adding rings to the engagement and wedding rings. This, however, is not a set rule where you have to use your wedding band as part of the stacking rings. 

Ring Stacking: Looking Back at History

Ring stacking has been around since the Medieval times, as it can be found featured in many medieval paintings and artworks. From then on, ring stacking has been a common fashion practice among women. However, it was not until the late 20th century that ring stacking started growing as a trend.

As ring stacking became a fashion trend, it saw jewellers and jewellery designers coming up with specific ring designs that could be used for stacking. The jewellery stores started featuring rings adorned with colourful gemstones, flowery or heart designs, that could be worn together to create a beautiful stacking effect.

However, the stacking rings trend of the 21st century is all about stacking rings of different designs, metals, and thicknesses. These are either worn on one finger or multiple fingers for style purposes. 

Ring Stacking: How to make it Meaningful

Stacking rings can be done in a meaningful way which can be used to showcase the milestones of a relationship or important landmarks of life. One way can be to stack the finger of the wedding band with anniversary rings to reflect the wedding milestones. 

The other practices of ring stacking can involve, stacking rings for marking the birthdays of children or pets. Stacking rings can be a thoughtful endeavour of remarking significant milestones of life. And thus, it can be a beautiful way of being in the trend with an emotional connection.

Ways to Incorporate Ring Stacking

Of late, stacking rings are dominating the jewellery market.  They formed an important place in the jewellery collection of women across the globe. These rings offer a thoughtful addition as they can be used to symbolise a sweet memory, relationship milestones, etc in the lifetime of a person. In short, these rings have the potential to tell the life story of a person. 

Here are specific ideas for stacking rings with the top events of life. This could inspire you to kick off your ring collection and join the trend.

  • Many people choose to mark their anniversaries by stacking rings with their wedding bands. This indeed is a beautiful and thoughtful way of celebrating the spousal bond. There are also different stones and materials associated with different milestones like sapphire for 5 years, diamonds for 10 years or rubies for 15 years. You can opt for rings that feature these stones, that carry symbolic meaning for your relationship milestones. 
  • Stacker rings can be used for commemorating an event like childbirth. The birth of a child is a remarkable event in the lives of the parents, and especially the mother. Having rings marking the birth of your little one or little ones can also be a special recognition as a parent. The ring will constantly remind you of your little one and all the memories associated with them.
  • Graduations are an important event in anyone’s life. It is a great accomplishment and is the way to begin a new chapter in life. Having a ring stacked in the memory of educational or professional achievements can also be a great way of mingling ornaments with meaningful associations. The ring will constantly remind you of your capabilities and work towards self-motivation.
  • For achievements like eventful trekking or completion of any challenging task, you can gift yourself a ring as a means to commemorate the event. There are many such memorable events in life like the first job or a successful project or resolving a long-standing conflict, that can be immortalized with a ring.
  • Another very precious reason can be that of self-love. Although it is no milestone, pampering yourself with a ring can be an emotional decision. You can use the ring to appreciate yourself for all the hurdles and hardships that you overcame with self-belief.

Styling tips for Stacking Rings:

Although, there are no hard and fast styling rules for ring stacking. But if you are looking forward to making an impressive statement with your rings, here are certain ways in which that could be achieved.

  • If you are a beginner with ring stacking, it would be best to go for a focus finger. Try building your stack for rings around a single finger. Also, make sure that the design and style of your rings look similar for a beautiful effect. However, this does not mean that you should not experiment with metals and stones. Try identical rings of different metals featuring different gemstones to get a cooler and more stylish look.
  • Try keeping the rings thin for comfort and free movement of the fingers. Wider rings would be heavier, thus, making them uncomfortable to sit on the fingers for a longer period.
  • It should also be taken care of, that the rings fit perfectly well with each other. And for that to happen you need to decide on complimenting designs that fit and look good with each other. 

Final Word

Ring stacking can be a great way to represent empowerment, expression of emotions and commemorate events. Starfire Fine Jewellery has a great collection of rings that you can have a look at to begin your ring-stacking fashion journey.

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