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Our House on ITV: Where is it filmed? What is that amazing house worth in real life?

Fi and Bram’s STUNNING home is the star of the show!

Our House is the latest bone-chilling thriller to start on ITV and, besides a great cast, the house is definitely the star of the show – but where’s its location in real life?

The four-part drama series, based on the book of the same name by Louise Candlish, airs from Monday to Thursday this week (March 07 to March 10 2022).

Viewers feel every bit of Fiona Lawson’s horror when she discovers her house has been sold from underneath her feet.

This would be horrendous for anybody, but even more so for Fi.

She absolutely loves the house – and we don’t blame her, it’s AMAZING!

So where is the house’s real life location from Our House on ITV?

Read on to find out more!

Our House ITV location – where is the house in real life?

The amazing house in the ITV thriller is found in an area often used on TV and in films.

The Our House cast and crew filmed in South London.

The property is really close to Peckham Rye Park, East Dulwich Way.

The family home is a real property on an idyllic street south of the River Thames.

Wider scenes were filmed across Greater London.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and The Da Vinci Code were also filmed around the same area.

Why is the house so important?

The author of Our House, Louise Candlish, based the house on one near her in an upscale South London neighbourhood.

She wrote about her observations of the property-obsessed mothers, milling outside school gates, discussing soft furnishings and the latest price rises on Zoopla.

So it became vital to the production to find the perfect house for the show.

Writer and Executive Producer Simon Ashdown tells us that finding the right house was crucial to the filming.

He says: “We spent a long time searching for the right house.

“Some houses lacked character or were too ostentatious.

“You have to feel these are real people, who got lucky 15 years ago.

“They bought their house when it was vaguely affordable, and now it’s worth £2million.”

He adds: “After many long walks around the local area, a sense of the character of this house emerged.

“It then took location scouts, producer, director, designer, an army of people to scour the streets of London, both North, South, West, and East until the perfect house was found – both homely, yet quirky, aspirational but believable as a family home.

“An exact replica was also built in the studio and every detail was poured over, every object, picture and stick of furniture as the interior of the house was like a window into Fi’s soul.

“Everything was an expression of her. So, the house is not only at the centre of the drama but also casts a spell.”

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