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Breaking Dad: Bradley Walsh leaves viewers all asking same thing

Breaking Dad star Bradley Walsh left viewers all asking the same thing following episode two last night. The Chase host Bradley and his son Barney returned for another thrilling episode of their ITV travel series on Monday evening.

But many fans were wondering whether Bradley was actually driving the vehicle they were travelling in.

Does Bradley Walsh actually drive the RV in Breaking Dad?

This was the question on viewers’ lips last night as some spotted him driving with one hand or lifting his hands briefly from the wheel.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, many asked Bradley if he was driving the vehicle.

One said: “Is Bradley really driving, as he doesn’t look at the road much, love the programme.”

Another wrote: “Watching Bradley and Barney and Bradley’s driving… he’s incharge of a big vehicle and he keeps driving one handed or no hands at one point and he keeps taking his eyes off the road and looking at Barney.”

A fourth commented: “Love it but how safe is Bradders driving he doesn’t take much notice of the road always singing and driving one handed.”

One replied: “Is it him really driving though?”

Others told Brad to keep his hands on the steering wheel!

One said: “Great show, but Bradley keep your hands on the steering wheel.”

Another tweeted: “I do love the programme but Bradders please keep your hands on the flipping steering wheel! You frighten me.”

The father and son duo said goodbye to Croatia and travelled to Hungary.

The episode saw Bradley take on a stunt at The House of Houdini.

Beat the Chasers star Bradley was lifted 150 feet in the air whilst upside down.

He then had to attempt to free himself from seven restraints in just 60 seconds.

They also visited Lake Balaton in Hungary for a spot of high-speed catamaran sailing with an Olympic crew.

Should Breaking Dad be longer?

Viewers loved the show and continued their pleas to ITV to make the episodes longer than 30 minutes.

One said on Twitter: “100% Breaking Dad should be on for more than half an hour!!”

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