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Cummings calls Boris a ‘trolley’ and only sacked Hancock after pressure from wife.

Dominic Cummings has called the Prime Minister a “trolley” and claims that he only sacked Matt Hancock after “89 texts” from his wife Carrie.

Love rat Hancock alledgedly resigned on Saturday as the Health Secretary following an affair with Gina Coladangelo, who told his wife on Thursday their 15-year marriage was “over.”

Hancock received a call from the Sun newspaper on Thursday to inform him about the leak over his affair with Coldangelo, which has cost him his career.

Cummings who is Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor has claimed that Hancock had to go as he had broken the social distancing rules for being caught on kiss cam snogging his aide.

On Friday Johnson considered the matter with Hancock closed when he was still the Health Secretary, and then resigned on Saturday.

Johnson was quizzed by reporters, and was asked if what happened undermined the message that we are “all in it together.”

He responded, “That’s right, and that’s why when I saw the story on Friday we had a new Secretary of State for Health in on Saturday.”

To add more confusion, Johnson now claims that the process was “the right pace to proceed in a pandemic.”

Cummings then took Twitter and wrote, “Trolley Fri: Argh, accept apology I consider the matter closed.

“Media/MP babble, 89 Carrie texts p/hour.

“Trolley Sat, SMASH: Arghhh Matt go now you’ll be back better stronger shortly matey forward to victory!

“Trolley Mon, CRASH: when I saw the story on Fri we had a new SoS on Sat.”

A Downing Street spokesman said the suggestion Hancock was sacked as a result of Carrie Johnson putting on pressure was denied.

He said, “Obviously, as you would expect, I completely refute that.

“You can see the actions the prime minister has taken and I’ve talked you through the discussions he had with the former health secretary after receiving his resignation.”

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