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Kremlin elites are ‘panicking’ take matters into their own hands in coup and are planning secret peace talks

The Kremlin have started a coup against Vladimir Putin as panicked officials take matters into their own hands with secret peace talks plans.

A former Russian MP who is an opposition activist said the mood amongst Kremlin elites is one of panic as the war in Ukraine has been a political and economic disaster for Russia.

Western sanctions has hit Moscow hard, which has seen major global companies exit Russia which is crippling the economy.

With no end in sight for the war to end Putin’s inner circle and key officials have had enough and a former Russian MP, Ilya Ponomarev said the mood among Kremlin elites is one of panic and they want negotiate an end to the war.

He said, “The signal of a desire to negotiate was sent by a person in Putin’s inner circle.

“I can’t name him. But you wouldn’t believe it.

“It’s one of the ‘pillars of the regime’.”

Nikolai Patrushev and Igor Sechin, the boss of the oil giant Rosneft are believed to be the two most influential within the Kremlin.

Sechin who has the nickname “Darth Vader” and is a hardliner is a “de facto deputy” of Putin as he is considered a close ally of the Russian leader.

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