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Packhelp secures more funding3

The packaging industry has been stuck in the past for years. Printing houses won’t look at you if you want less than 20,000 units, and make the ordering process difficult; some still requiring orders to be placed by fax!

But Warsaw-based Startup, Packhelp, helps users create and order custom packaging thanks to their easy-to-use online design software. The software lets users create many kinds of packaging solutions all by themselves.

Packhelp secures more funding

The company has recently secured €10m in funding. White Star Captial led the funding, along with the participation of existing investors. In one of the largest Series A rounds in CCE, the company is now poised to expand its operations further into the UK to help British ecommerce business, startups and other SME’s leverage the power of custom packaging.

“Packhelp’s founders have managed to find a unique business model,” says General Partner at White Star Capital, Nicholas Stocks. “They’ve used cutting-edge technologies to make personalised packaging accessible for everyone, rather than just medium and big business. It’s the technology, unique sales process, superior customer service and constant expansion of their range that helps them conquer new markets. Packhelp is on track to become one of the major players on the global packaging market.”

Expanding into the UK

Having recently launched, the company is now looking at establishing a base of operations in London to help bring the power of custom packaging to CMO’s, entrepreneurs, retail and ecommerce brands.

“Nothing increases the perceived value of a product more than a simple box that echoes branding”, says Wojciech Sadowski, Packhelp CEO. “With influencer marketing and unboxing videos having more of an influence on your buyer, quality product packaging that complements your product is a step that’s all too often overlooked”.

“The UK market is one that we’re excited to sink our teeth into” he explains.

Packhelp is also adapting its range of products to the British market by launching Letterbox size and Royal Mail sized shipping boxes. Bespoke Royal Mail sized packaging means that brands can utilise the standard services of Royal Mail and the branding power of custom packaging at the same time.

Packhelp fulfils the needs of not just small ecommerce brands, startups and agencies who need as little as 30 pieces of packaging, but also global brands like Uber H&M, Wrangler and many more. The company’s range has recently ballooned to meet the needs of a very diverse group of customers. The company has already implemented customisable wine boxes, personalized envelopes and biodegradable poly mailers.

Eco responsibility

With the world focusing more and more on its waste, Packhelp knows the role that plastic-based and single-use packaging plays in landfill and ocean pollution. In order to align with the principles of many modern brands, Packhelp prides itself on using only recycled cardboard and vegetal inks in its production.

With the implementation of new biodegradable corn-based poly mailer bags, the company can now cater to brands that are striving to minimize their ecological footprint. Rather than your favourite organic coffee shop sending its online orders in a plastic jiffy bag, it can now do so in a customised mailer bag made from corn waste.

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