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Hancock’s mistress leaves Oliver Bonas husband for disgraced former Health Secretary

Gina Coladangelo has left her husband Oliver Tress for disgraced Matt Hancock after their affair was leaked by the Sun newspaper.

It has been reported that Hancock and his mistress are going to give it “a proper go,” after the former Health Secretary dumped his wife and three children for Coladangelo last Thursday.

Oliver Tress who is the multimillionaire founder of Oliver Bonas has been left “devastated” by the affair and is “reeling.”

She packed her things loaded up her £70,000 Audi at her £3.6m London home and left her husband.

A neighbour of the Oliver Bonas founder told The Sun, that “Gina and Matt are giving it a proper go and Olly was left reeling.

“They had lots of friends here so we are all trying to help look after Olly.”

Hancock resigned on Saturday as the Health Secretary following an affair with Coladangelo, told his wife on Thursday their 15-year marriage was “over.”

Hancock received a call from the Sun newspaper on Thursday evening to inform him about the leak over his affair with Coldangelo, which has cost him his career.

Hancock learned of the picture showing him in a passionate embrace which had become front page news across the tabloids.

The Sunday Times reported that Hancock’s poor wife Martha, 44, had considered their marriage as “happy and stable,” who is now furious as she has been battling long Covid she caught from him.

Hancock took Coladangelo with him to the G7 meeting with health Ministers, in Oxford from 3 to 4 June, it has been reported.

A Cabinet source launched a scathing a humiliating attack on the former Health Secretary, who told The Sunday Times, “She went with him to the G7 health ministers summit.

“Did he disclose this to the PM?

“If it was shown he was shagging on the taxpayer he had to go.

“He’s been puritan-in-chief in the government and now it turns out he’s a massive, lying hypocrite.”

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