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US warned they ‘must prepare for Putin’s worst weapons’ as nuclear war is escalating fast as ‘there are few rules left’

The Kremlin has sent a nuclear warning to NATO keep out of Russia’s business and the conflict or else there will be a “catastrophic scenario.”

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia has warned NATO and the West in their involvement in the war.

The Kremlin chief, “First, the pumping of Ukraine by NATO countries with weapons, the training of its troops to use Western equipment, the dispatch of mercenaries, and the conduct of exercises by the countries of the Alliance near our borders increase the likelihood of a direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia instead of their ‘war by proxy’.

“Second, such a conflict always has the risk of turning into a full-fledged nuclear war.

“Third, this will be a catastrophic scenario for everyone.”

Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for US president in 2012, warned in an opinion piece in the New York Times, titled: “We Must Prepare for Putin’s Worst Weapons.”

Romney warned that the US must now remain on “Red Alert” after the Russian Foreign Minister has warned there could be a nuclear war as there are now “few rules left.”

Romney argued, “Free nations must continue to support Ukrainians’ brave and necessary defence of their country.

“Failing to continue to support Ukraine would be like paying the cannibal to eat us last.”

He added, “The right answer is to continue to give Ukraine all the support it needs to defend itself and to win.

“Its military successes may force Mr Putin to exit Ukraine or to agree to a cease-fire acceptable to the Ukrainian people.”

Romney argued that they should not cave into Russia’s demands and said that NATO’s forces could “obliterate” Russia’s military.

He wrote, “NATO could engage in Ukraine, potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military.”

Romney warned that should Putin launch a nuclear attack, the US will be a prime target.

He added, “I noted that Russia was the biggest geopolitical adversary to the United States, and it clearly remains a source of great concern to both Republicans and Democrats.

“Given the magnitude of consequence of a nuclear strike, our potential options merit thought, by our leaders and by American citizens alike.”

The former Republican nominee for US presidency warned that Putin and the Kremlin have threatened on numerous times that they will use nuclear tactical weapons “if needed” and said the US must prepare for the “unimaginable.”

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