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Is Koda Cryptocurrency the brand new kid on The Crypto Block?

Koda Cryptocurrency is the brand-new crypto token on the market. It is an exciting and fresh approach to cryptocurrency that is based on the morals of trust, education and ease of use. Not something you would always associate with cryptocurrency; but Koda are on a mission to change that.

But is Koda Currency as ‘brand-new’ as you might think?

In short, no! Koda Cryptocurrency was once Koda Finance, who previously gained traction in the market through offering a Coin that could be easily traded on a platform, which is to be released later in the year. Koda Finance attracted thousands of wallet holders, whilst striving to build a community to provide support and education to investors. The company is going through a rebrand to improve the discoverability of the Koda token. In turn, this could be very exciting for investors in the business.

Koda Cryptocurrency will be the native token on a new platform called Summit Swap. Koda Cryptocurrency will be exclusive to one platform and that is Summit Swap.

Ahead of the launch of Summit Swap, Koda Cryptocurrency is aligned to their three key principles T.E.E and the staff understand and work toward adhering to these important company values. The objectives set at Koda Finance will stay the same for Koda Cryptocurrency. These are Trust, Education and Ease of Use. These three core company values will be shown and can already be seen through everything that Koda Cryptocurrency do.

Unlike other cryptocurrency companies that make money now and build trust later, Koda Cryptocurrency have taken the time to build trust. They know how important a stable coin run by a stable company is. They show this through their constant support of the crypto community and willingness to provide support to their investors.

At Koda Cryptocurrency everything is based on transparency. Some Crypto companies around today, especially those on the BEP20 Network, are mainly concepts or ideas that investors buy into. Hoping one day that the particular Coin, Token or Alt will be something, that it will own an office and a team and CEO they can see and speak to. Koda Cryptocurrency already has something tangible which puts it a long way ahead of the competition. Proud of their office location; the doors are always open. There is a real team and functioning business with an amazing community feel. New investors, along with the current investors, are always welcome to pop in and see the team. This is what makes it such an exciting opportunity, the company is real and fully established, yet the value may not have been recognised yet.

On top of this, Koda Cryptocurrency are aware that Crypto Exchanges aren’t necessarily easy to use. This was seen from their own experience, but also from feedback of investors in other cryptocurrencies and platforms. Koda Cryptocurrency took this on board and have planned to ensure that Koda tokens are easy to use, especially on Summit Swap. The communications they put out are all with the aim to educate their community on all aspects of cryptocurrency, not just Koda Cryptocurrency.

James Gale, CEO of Koda Cryptocurrency said, “We want to make crypto accessible to everyone, not just the few. I believe that there is a lot of undiscovered potential in crypto and the world of blockchain – this is only the beginning. Why not join us on this exciting investment journey?”

While Koda Cryptocurrency might not be the newest kid of the crypto block – they are certainly one to watch!

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