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Who plays Phill’s mum Mimi in Coronation Street? Will she be at Fiz and Phill’s wedding?

Mimi in Coronation Street certainly made her mark the last time she appeared on the cobbles.

We first met her on Friday, December 3 2021, but who is Phill‘s formidable mum and who plays her?

When did Mimi appear in Coronation Street?

Fiz and Phill had been seeing each other since last summer and she first met his mum when Phill came to stay as his boiler was being fixed.

Mimi arrived in Weatherfield with her dog Coco and a huge chip on her shoulder.

She immediately fussed over her boy, making plans for a huge birthday party for him and ordering hideous party dresses for Fiz, Hope and Ruby to wear.

Fiz felt thoroughly unsupported by Phill in the face of his mother, and confided her hurt in Tyrone.

Although she managed to get through the party (wearing her own clothes!), Mimi soon revealed her surprise present to Phill was that she was moving to Weatherfield.

Tyrone could see Fiz’s discomfort and dragged Mimi into the kitchen to deliver a few home truths about her behaviour towards Fiz.

When they went back into the party, Mimi was mortified to realise she left her microphone on.

Phill took Fiz’s side and sent his mother packing.

Mimi’s return for Fiz and Phill’s wedding

Recently Mimi returned to Weatherfield for Fiz and Phill’s wedding.

When she struggled to find a hotel that would take her dog Coco, Fiz offered for her to stay at No.9 Coronation Street.

Mimi and Evelyn appeared to clash, especially when Mimi accused Evelyn’s dog Cerberus of knocking her over.

Evelyn has been convinced that Mimi is planning to sabotage the wedding, especially since wine mysteriously ended up on Hope and Ruby’s bridesmaid dresses.

This week Phill’s ex-wife Camilla arrived in Weatherfield.

At Fiz’s hen do, Camilla told Fiz that Phill and her are in love and he wants her back.

When Fiz confronts Phill, he thinks Mimi had something to do with Camilla’s arrival and banishes her from the house and wedding.

Is Mimi coming back?

Although Mimi is banished from the wedding, spoiler pics reveal she is at the wedding.

Will she manage to patch things up with Fiz and Phill?

Who plays Phill’s mum Mimi in Coronation Street?

Mimi is played by Margot Leicester. 72-year old Margot is married to director David Thacker.

Margot has had numerous stage and TV roles.

What has Margot Leicester been in?

She has made multiple appearances in Holby City, Doctors and The Bill as different characters.

Margot played Rita Blade in TV series Harbour Lights in 1999 and Dr Wellington in Peak Practise in 1997.

She has also had roles in Casualty, Waking the Dead, Midsomer Murders, Law and Order: UK, Heartbeat.

In 2017 she played Camilla in the TV film King Charles III.

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