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Who is Sean Bean married to and how many wives has the BBC Marriage actor had?

The popular actor is currently starring in new BBC drama Marriage

Sean Bean, who is known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Time, is currently starring in the new BBC drama Marriage alongside Nicola Walker. He plays Ian, a slightly insecure husband, as the drama shows the ins and outs of married life.

Outside the drama, the first episode of which left fans unimpressed, Sean is married to Ashley Moore, who is his fifth wife. Sean and Ashley met in 2012 in a London pub and Ashley is 26 years his junior.

Talking about when they met to The Times Sean, 63, said: “She was in there with friends and I came in with my friend and it was just a chance meeting I used to go in there now and again, but it was the first time she’d ever been in. We kind of hit it off.”

Ashley is an American actress and starred in Grange Hill when she was younger. In 2014 the couple became engaged and they married in 2017 in Dorset.

They currently live in Somerset and have no children together although Sean has hinted this is not off the cards, as he told Bustle that it “would be nice” to have another child. Sean’s previous wives include a Coronation Street actress and his secondary school sweetheart.

His first marriage was to Debra James, his secondary school sweetheart. They married in 1981 and divorced seven years later in 1988.

Two years later Sean married Melanie Hill, who played Cathy Matthews in Coronation Street and starred in Waterloo Road. The former couple have two daughters together, Lorna and Molly, and their marriage ended seven years later in 1997. They now also share four grandchildren.

Later in 1997 Sean married Not Going Out actress Abigail Cruttenden, whom he met while filming the TV series Sharpe. They later had a daughter in 1998 and divorced after three years of marriage in 2000.

After eight years Sean married again to actress Georgia Sutcliffe after they originally cancelled their wedding for “personal reasons”. It has been reported they had a very turbulent marriage before ending their relationship just two years later in 2010.

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