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Which is the cheapest supermarket in the UK?

Various lockdown measures have meant little to no social life for most Brits – especially when it comes to eating out – prompting many to do larger grocery shops.

Meanwhile, job security for many – especially in retail – has been precarious amid the pandemic, and consumer spending has been reined in as a result.

This means finding the best value for money while grocery shopping has never been so important.

To determine its list, Which? tracked the price of 45 popular branded and own-label products – such as Hovis bread, Knorr stock cubes and free-range eggs – in eight major supermarkets for at least 100 days between January and December 2020.

It then calculated the average price of each item over the year and the total average cost of all 45 items in the “trolley” – taking the weight and quality of items into account.

Here’s the final list, starting with the cheapest:

Lidl – £42.67

The discount supermarket was just 34p cheaper than its nearest rival Aldi but it was £26.02 cheaper than the most expensive supermarket for an equivalent trolley of items.

Aldi – £43.01

Asda – £48.71

Tesco – £53.30

Morrisons – £53.61

Sainsbury’s – £56.38

Ocado – £66.83

Waitrose – £68.69

It comes as no surprise to see that Waitrose is the most expensive supermarket with an average basket amounting to £68.69 – £26.02 more than Lidl.

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