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When is Emmerdale on this week? There’s a BIG change to this week’s schedule

Emmerdale is usually on every week on ITV. The soap schedule recently changed on a permanent basis, but when is Emmerdale on this week?

When is Emmerdale on this week?
Emmerdale is on every weeknight on ITV.

Usually Emmerdale airs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7.30pm for half an hour with the Thursday episode being on for an hour.

However this week the schedule will be different.

This week, Emmerdale will air every weeknight as usual, but it will start half an hour earlier at 7pm.

Thursdays episode will only be on for half an hour.

The schedule change is due to the Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals.

What is happening in this week’s Emmerdale?

Monday, May 30th 2022

Faith dreads her chemotherapy appointment.

As she arrives, she sees another patient with her son and her damaged relationship with Cain becomes even more painful.

Faith paints the picture of familial harmony to the other patient, unaware Wendy is listening.

Wendy admits to Faith that she does the same when she talks about her son Lee.

Meanwhile Chas is suspicious when she finds Nate half-naked with Moira in her kitchen.

Chas is convinced she’s walked in on them resuming their affair.

Her suspicions only grow when she overhears Moira arranging to meet someone in her empty house.

She’s convinced Faith is helping Nate and Moira rekindle their relationship and plans to catch them in the act.

When Eric refuses to give Noah any shifts in the B&B, Mack steps in and sticks up for Noah.

Charity overhears and is grateful to see her boyfriend publicly defending her son.

Later Charity thanks Mack for sticking up for Noah and the pair agree to put their argument to one side.

Tuesday, May 31st 2022

When Chas discovers Moira dressed in her robe, she bursts into her bedroom.

However she’s stunned to discover Faith in Moira’s room instead of Nate.

Faith is desperate to hide her illness and stuns both Chas and Moira when she flounders and explains Moira’s state of undress.

Elsewhere Charity is shocked when she finds out Noah’s sentencing is taking place next week.

She’s hurt by the distance between her and her son.

She tries to reassure him that she will always be there for him but despairs when Noah rejects her.

Will they ever sort things out?

Meanwhile David can’t bring himself to tell Victoria about his money struggles.

Wednesday, June 1st 2022

Out of cocaine, Leyla snaps at Priya when she learns that she’s upset some important clients.

She leaves Priya to deal with the journalist, who has come to interview her for a bridal magazine while she goes off to sort out Priya’s mistake.

In a moment of desperation Leyla looks through Suzy’s bag for coke but Suzy catches her.

Leyla squirms as she struggles to explain why she was looking through her bag.

Suzy has a go at Leyla for taking cocaine but there is no getting through to her.

Meanwhile Priya’s thrown when the journalist insists on taking photos for the article.

Priya panics, conscious of her scars.

When Leyla realises the journalist has left, she lashes out at an embarrassed Priya.

Priya is devastated and shocked by her friend’s reaction.

Thursday, June 2nd 2022

Jai is furious with Leyla for how she’s treated his sister, but his anger turns to sympathy when Leyla apologises.

Jai opens up to Leyla about his addiction and his words resonate with her.

He admits he still has his old dealer’s number on a piece of paper.

Leyla demands he burns the number, but does she have an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile David tells his dad Eric about his financial struggles, explaining how much the pandemic impacted his business.

Can Eric help?

Nicola hatches a plan to spend some time with Jimmy when Bernice expresses interest in her council work.

Friday, June 3rd 2022

Suzy struggles to balance her guilt when Moira opens up to her about Holly.

Will Suzy tell her the truth?

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