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What is supplement dropshipping and how to make money with this business model

What is supplement dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a lucrative business model in which the traditional sales system is structured a little differently:

  • The seller of supplements (i.e. you) is responsible for generating sales and handling the order process.
  • When a sale is made, the wholesale supplements supplier (i.e. Specialist Supplements Ltd) handles fulfilment. In other words, they pick, label, pack and ship the product(s) (either under the manufacturer’s branding, or under your own personalised branding – the private label option) to your customer. You simply pass the order details (including delivery information) on to them.

How to start generating income

In a dropship supplements business model, the seller’s profit is the difference between (a) the trade price of the product and the cost of dropshipping / postage etc and b) the retail price. For full details go to

Therefore, to maximise profits and make your business a good source of income, it is important to:

  • choose products for resale that have a good profit margin and are in demand.
  • choose a fast, efficient and reliable dropship service that is provided free of charge (i.e. you don’t pay an administration fee for the dropshipping service itself; you only pay for the postage, as if you were posting the items out yourself)
  • choose a wholesaler with no minimum orders.

If structured correctly, with the ideal supplier and dropshipper, the supplements dropship business model can be highly lucrative, with income being generated quickly and easily.

This is because it takes away the hassles and logistics of order fulfilment, which can be complex, costly, time-consuming and labour intensive. Who wants to spend hours on (or money hiring staff to) pick, label, pack and post out orders, if it can easily be avoided or delegated?

With the dropshipping process, it’s simple. You are allowed to focus on your core business – making supplement sales. Someone else then handles the fulfilment, dispatching the orders directly to your customers in a fast, efficient and professional way.

When the process comes to its successful conclusion, your customer receives their product(s) and they have no idea that the order was not dispatched by you.

This straight-forward, economical and time-saving process is an extremely effective means of generating income on a recurring basis. And this is why it is the model of choice for thousands of supplements resellers across the world – whether under their own branding or not.

Other advantages of dropshipping

In addition to the key advantages of the supplements dropshipping business model mentioned above, there are the following ancillary benefits:

  • It gives you maximum flexibility – by offering products being dispatched by post (instead of, for example, in person), you have the potential to sell to anyone. For instance, if you are an online retailer, you can offer your products globally, or to the countries you want to target. The key is to ensure that your dropship supplier ships worldwide.
  • You don’t need to purchase stock in advance of making sales or store stock – Dealing with your own order fulfilment necessitates heavy financial outlay on stock prior to making sales, and everything that comes along with that (such as space to store large amounts of stock etc).
  • You don’t need to keep inventory – A time-consuming process that can be delegated, since the supplier / wholesaler dropshipper sends the merchandise directly to your clients.
  • This business model is ideal for start-ups or company’s that don’t have high cash flow – Since you don’t need a lot (if any) of upfront investment to start a supplements dropship business (because you don’t have to invest in, for example stock, storage space or staff to assist you with fulfilment), you don’t need to have a large amount of money to get started.
  • You don’t need a lot of time.The logistical side of the business largely runs itself. Once you have made your sale and uploaded the order to the dropship company, they take care of the rest. This is a huge time-saver.

Finding a reliable supplements dropshipper

As we have already seen, a “dropshipper” is a wholesaler that offers you products (without the need to buy them in advance) so that you can sell them to your clients and then earn the difference in value between the cost price and any expenses, and your resale price.

The only way for your business venture to be a success is by ensuring that your dropship partner is reputable, efficient, reliable and professional.

Imagine making a sale and then it falling through as a result of shoddy products or poor service.

Unfortunately, there are many disreputable and unprofessional dropship companies out there. The vast majority charge high fees for their services, which eat into profits. If they are not specialists in the supplements industry, they often make errors when packing and labelling orders. Their dispatch times can also be very slow and they will usually charge you extra for labelling.

To ensure a good experience for both yourself and your customers, your dropship supplier should ideally be:

  • the supplements wholesaler – by dealing with just one supplier for your supplements and dropshipping needs, it saves time and money and reduces the scope for errors.
  • established in the industry – nothing offers peace of mind more than years of industry experience, backed up by customer reviews.

Specialist Supplements Ltd ( – a leading supplements supplier and dropshipper in the UK), has been trading for almost a quarter of a century and has extensive industry experience. Not only do they offer their dropship services free of charge to trade customers reselling their products, they also have a “no minimum orders” policy. They even label your products at no extra cost, whether you are selling under their branding or your own private labels.

They stand out as a leading supplements dropshipper that is efficient, trustworthy and reliable. They are able to accommodate the needs of any business, regardless of size or background.

As you have seen, dropshipping offers you endless possibilities and maximum flexibility to earn money quickly and easily, without having to invest large amounts on inventory or the support of staff or a physical business.

Best of all, you can do it from home and/or in your spare time. All you need is a computer and the internet.

So if you are looking for a way to start a supplements business that is economical and that generates recurring income, the best way to do it is with dropshipping.

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