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How utility warehouse’s partner opportunity can draw an additional stream of income

Those who have taken pay cuts or been made redundant can open new income streams by becoming a UW Partner.

As the UK’s corona virus cases continue to surge, millions of people are facing job losses, income cuts, and uncertainty about their future finances. With no ‘Plan B’ to fall back on, many are grappling to find additional – or replacement – income streams that will enable them to continue to support themselves and their families. During these challenging desperate times, finding a smarter way to earn is key to securing the financial stability and the all-important work/life balance we all need to thrive.

This is where the UK’s only genuine multi service provider Utility Warehouse (UW) comes in. UW plans to help get the nation back on its feet by telling self-driven individuals across the UK about how they can earn money in their own time and enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. Over the past 20 years, UW’s network of independent distributors or ‘Partners’ have grown the company’s customer and Partner bases, with many earning a full-time salary and a wealth of extra rewards. Now, the Partner network offers the perfect opportunity for those on furlough and those who have faced job cuts to set up a new way of earning a living.

Instead of employing traditional advertising and sales models, the award-winning multi service provider attracts customers by word of mouth and through the personal recommendations of authorised UW Partners. To date, these Partners have developed a robust customer base of 650,000 for UW thanks to this forward-thinking approach.

What is a Utility Warehouse partner?

Authorised UW Partners earn every time they recommend a new customer who signs up to UW’s home services – and they continue to earn ongoing payments – known as residual income – for as long as the customer stays with UW. The system works in a similar way to music artists receiving royalties. Partners can also earn more and build their businesses by establishing their own teams.

UW offers much more than financial incentives for Partners, who can also work towards milestones to earn seasonal hampers, luxury/family holidays and city breaks, and exclusive experience days. For example, when a Partner signs up 75 customers, UW rewards them with access to a subsidised MINI. When they sign up 200 customers, UW rewards them with a Porsche to use for a month. UW combines the best aspects of franchise modelling with the best aspects of the gig economy, resulting in a dedicated Partner network for entrepreneurial individuals who work to their own agendas.

Who are UW partners?

UW attracts Partners of all ages and occupations, who take advantage of the opportunity for a host of reasons. Some want to pay for their children’s education, some need to pay off credit card debts, and others are looking to set up nest eggs for the future. UW Partners come from all walks of life and backgrounds, from stay-at-home parents, carers, and retirees, to students and those who have started afresh following redundancies and career gaps. A typical cross-section of UW Partner professions includes the following:

  • Teaching
  • Performing arts
  • Finance
  • Hair and beauty
  • Medicine
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Military.

You may even know a UW Partner – they just might not have told you yet. UW’s Partner network currently comprises around 45,000 Partners around the country and continues to grow as recruits sign up to add to their income streams. To put this into context, Uber has 40,000 UK drivers in London alone, and Airbnb has over 200,000 UK hosts. UW is rapidly scaling its Partner network to offer business opportunities to those who have faced job cuts and a loss of income.

Explore UW’s Partner Stories to see what individuals from all backgrounds have managed to achieve by becoming a UW Partner.

What do utility warehouse partners do?

As a UW Partner, you share an informal appointment presentation with prospective customers to explain how UW bundles services such as electricity, gas, broadband, landline, mobile, and insurance to take the hassle out of managing utilities every month. Partners also spread the word about UW’s additional wealth of customer benefits, which include free LED light bulbs and installation, free membership to the Gourmet Society, and a UW cashback card that allows you to save as much as 7% with thousands of leading retailers, such as Sainsbury’s, M&S, Wilko, and Primark, both online and in-store. Customers can then apply any cashback they earn as ‘money off’ their UW bill. Combined, customers could save hundreds of pounds in their first year with UW.

UW provides everything Partners need to set up their businesses. Every month, Partners could generate up to £250, if they sign up one qualifying customer, and as much as £2,100 if they sign up six. They receive up to £500 for two qualifying customers, as much £750 for three customers, up to £1,400 for four, and up to £1,750 for five. From here, Partners can develop their businesses by not only building a customer base but also helping new Partners to develop their own teams.

Why become a UW partner?

Whether you’re looking to save for retirement, a wedding, a loan repayment, or a holiday, UW allows Partners to really get on in life. Key reasons for taking up the opportunity include

Time saving

One major benefit is the time you can save by working in your own time and on your own terms. You can adjust the hours that you dedicate to your UW business at any point, fitting your work around childcare responsibilities, commitments, and hobbies. You’ll also save huge amounts of time and money by not having to commute. Thanks to the rise of remote working, many people are now most comfortable working flexible hours from home.

Meet and onboard like-minded partners

UW Partners who recruit new Partners tend to recruit those who are in similar situations to themselves – solving pain-points that they’ve experienced first-hand. You can develop and use your own success story to relate to others. This way, you can expand your business and develop a team of like-minded colleagues.

Transition into self-employment

UW offers people the chance to begin a side-hustle that could grow into something bigger. Whether our Partners begin their business alongside their day job or have started working on it in their spare time, they all started from the same place. And for many, this side-hustle has led to a new found freedom or a change in career altogether

Without the usual costs

Becoming a UW Partner allows you to transfer into self-employment without the risks and costs that are usually associated with setting up your own business. New Partners can register for £50 – or £10 if they’re already a UW customer – offering much lower start-up costs than traditional self-employment ventures. On top of this, UW also offers a 3-month money-back guarantee, allowing you to experiment with the Partner opportunity before committing to it fully.

Work from anywhere

UW doesn’t require you to carry or purchase any stock or work in a particular location. This means you can work from anywhere and travel freely. No need to book time off work or request permission to attend appointments – it’s all done on your own terms. In fact, Partners can use a remote sign-up tool so they can talk to and sign up customers from the comfort of their own living room via a video call.

Being a UW Partner enables you to:

  • Join a positive community of like-minded individuals
  • Generate instant income
  • Improve your financial security
  • Free up your time
  • Improve your work/life balance
  • Enjoy self-development and new career experiences
  • Add to your retirement fund or start building one
  • Reduce day-to-day stress.

How can you become a utility warehouse partner?

It’s easy to become a UW Partner. You don’t need to fulfill any criteria or have any formal qualifications. Instead, UW provides everything you need to boost your business and earning potential:

  • Promotional materials
  • Your own website and personalised UW business email address
  • Award-winning training
  • Mentor ship from an experienced Partner.

With these tools to hand, anyone over 18 can start earning right away. UW has rolled out its remote support and appointments to onboard new Partners during the UK lock down so that you can build your new stream of income immediately.

UW recognises that we live in a world where the ability to bring in extra money can be vital for a growing number of households and families. It’s for this reason that UW fosters an experience that enables individuals from all backgrounds to thrive, all while helping others to save time and money on their home services. Learn more about the UW Partner opportunity at

About utility warehouse

Based in London, Utility Warehouse is a FTSE 250 company that takes the hassle out of managing home services by bundling over 2.5 million utility services for customers across the UK. As the nation’s only genuine multi service provider, UW enables customers to combine their energy, broadband, landline, mobile, and insurance packages into one bill. This way, customers can save time and money when managing accounts and track usage from all providers using a single point of contact. The leading home services provider is regulated by Ofgem, Ofcom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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