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‘Trigger warning please’ — Irish Twitter has gas reaction as Leaving Cert timetable published

The Department of Education has released the timetable for the Leaving Cert 2021 examinations, and Irish Twitter weren’t too pleased to see it.

After months of uncertainty, Leaving Cert students have finally been given some clarity following the announcement that they will be given the choice between calculated grades and written exams for each subject.

Following confirmation, the Department released this year’s timetable with traditional exams to kick off with English Paper 1 on Wednesday, June 9.

And in that moment, it was like we were all back in secondary school as the Leaving Cert timetable was pinned up on the notice board.

It was enough to make you dizzy — and this was without a pandemic.

Hoards on Irish Twitter do not envy the students set to sit this year’s exams if the reaction is anything to go by.

The timetable was shared on Twitter by Virgin Media News reporter Richard Chambers, and many were quick to recoil in fear.

It wasn’t a pleasant sight as some who have gone through the state exams felt a shiver down their spine.

‘Trigger warning, Richard, please,’ someone requested.

Another person chimed in: ‘It is a testament to the Irish education system that the sight of this timetable still shakes me to the core.’

‘My stomach just took a turn,’ someone else added.

Others took a more optimistic approach to the timetable, marking it out as when the weather will turn abnormally sunny.

‘So we know when the good weather will be now! Lovely.’

For those wishing to sit the Leaving Cert, oral examinations will be held during the Easter holidays ‘or shortly after’.

Additional time will also be granted for the completion of coursework in certain subjects.

The oral and coursework component will not contribute to the calculated grades process.

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