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Tommy Tiernan reveals injuries after nasty fall down stairs carrying whiskey

The comedian was walking down the stairs in his home when he fell and was unable to catch himself because his hands were full.

Tommy Tiernan has revealed he suffered a number of injuries in a nasty fall down the stairs in his home as he was carrying a glass of whiskey.

He had a book about God in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other when he took the tumble in which he injured his leg, leaving him with a limp.

Tommy said it was ‘such an old person thing to do’, but insisted that he wasn’t drunk when it happened despite the presence of the liquor.

He was wearing socks and he slipped as he ‘couldn’t make head nor tail’ of an Easter decoration which had been hung on the stairs by his wife.

He said he was ‘helpless like a baba’ during the fall and he was ‘roaring’ after he went head first from the second step.

‘I’ve busted my leg and my chest and my neck, and my voice. My voice is sensitive,’ he revealed on the Hector & Laurita Podcast.

‘I broke nothing but muscle has come off bone or tendons are stretched. Something like that.

Tommy had already been carrying an injury to his ribs from a stretch he did late last year so the pain of all his injuries will leave him ‘limping for a while’.

He added that he hoped that the distraction from the pain wouldn’t effect his ability to listen to his gusts on The Tommy Tiernan Show.

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