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Tiktok: How to Do The ‘Art History Faces Chart’ Challenge? How Does It Work?

The ‘Art History Faces Chart’ Challenge has recently gone viral on TikTok; here’s how to participate.

The Celebrity Look-Alike Filter, a viral effect that transforms you into a celebrity, is one of the most sought-after challenges on TikTok.

The most recent test is very like the other ones, however instead of famous people, it employs a thing called the Art History Faces Chart.

Here’s a detailed tutorial for those who are interested in giving the latest fad a shot.

What Is the Art History Chart Challenge and How Does It Work? TikTok

One of the most recent fads to hit the video-sharing website TikTok is the Art History Chart Challenge. Modern culture encourages using a variety of faces from different time periods to determine which era your own face most closely resembles.

For the challenge, contestants are tasked with making a 9×9 grid of 18 different faces, each of which represents a different era in art. A few of the time periods that have had a significant impact on the development of art are art nouveau, pop art, and surrealism.

Using a specialized TikTok filter, users may find out which artistic era their face most closely resembles. A new section of the app, dubbed “Orientalism Art,” has been established for the competition and trending films.

Tips for Completing the Art History Chart Challenge on

By adhering to the accompanying guidelines, you can take part in the Art History Chart Challenge happening on TikTok

1. One must first search Google Images with the term “art history faces chart.” Choose the photo that appears first in the search results because that is the one everyone is using on TikTok’s grid. Click on the photo grid to save it to your camera roll.

2. Use the app TikTok, and look for a participant in “The Art History Faces Challenge” by searching for the phrase “art history faces chart” in the app’s discover section.

3. Visit their video and try to identify the editing effects they employed. Above their username, which is typically shifting, are two filters: “Shifting” and “Green Screen.” You should save these filters to your saved filters so that you may easily retrieve them in the future.

4. Start filming your TikToc movie, this time using a green screen filter to incorporate the faces chart image you saved to your camera roll earlier.

5. Use the computer’s “shifting” filter to see which historical figure from art you most resemble.

6. The “Arabesque-Debussy” is the ideal piece of music for this endeavor. Before posting your video to YouTube, add some music to set the mood.

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