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The One Show: James Nesbitt distracts viewers with his eyebrows

James Nesbitt and his curious eyebrows appeared on The One Show last night (Tuesday August 31).

The facial hair was a stand-out with viewers who said they were “distracted” by the darker colour and prominent nature.

The One Show: James Nesbitt’s eyebrows

James, 56, appeared on the show to talk to hosts Jermaine Jenas and Sam Quek.

The show also welcomed in Alex Jones, who introduced her new baby to viewers, and Hollywood comedy legend Billy Crystal and comedian Lee Mack.

The actor was there to publicise Soccer Aid, which takes place this weekend (Saturday September 4).

James spoke about the work he does for Soccer Aid’s charity – UNICEF – and how the money helps kids across the world.

But it was James’ eyebrows that took centre stage, as he appeared via video link.

How did viewers react to James’s eyebrows?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to express their disbelief at James’s eyebrows and wondered just what was going on.

“Has someone been drawing eyebrows on James Nesbitt with a sharpie when he’s been asleep?” one joked.

Another wrote: “#theoneshow Will someone on there PLEASE ask Nesbitt what he’s done to his eyebrows? Come on, this isn’t normal.”

A third quipped: “The eyebrows have got to be a dare #TheOneShow.”

Another viewer said they were “incredibly distracted” by the appendages.

It’s not the first time James’s hair has been under the spotlight.

In February 2019, The Sun reported that the star was planning to have a sixth hair transplant.

The newspaper speculated that he has spent around £100,000 in his battle to overcome losing his hair.

It quoted him saying: “I began losing hair several years ago. I felt it could affect my career.

“In terms of the range of leading roles I’ve had since then [the hair transplants have] probably helped.”

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