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Shirley Ballas shares health update after fans spot lump under her arm

Shirley Ballas has said she can finally breathe after weeks of anxiety while waiting for test results following a health scare.

The Strictly Come Dancing judge, 61, has spent the last few weeks undergoing tests after fans spotted a lump under her arm during an online video.

In a new video posted on Instagram, the TV star said: “I got two sets of results back today and the shadow on my kidney seems absolutely fine, they’re not worried about it.

“Some other, I’m going to say polyps, there was the fancy name for them, are just absolutely fine so there was no cancer there, so that was good.

“Now I need to have my boobies checked one more time when I have a minute.

“My hormones are still all over the place, so started today with some oestrogen to see if we can balance the body better, and she does recommend that maybe I take a little time for myself, which I’ll try to do.

“Thank you for all of you who spotted it, who made me go and get my MOT of myself, I really appreciate it.”

Ballas previously told fans she had been to hospital for an “internal probe” of her ovaries, kidneys and adrenal glands” after fans shared concerned messages when they spotted a lump under her right arm.

She captioned the video: “Dear Fans and friends. Got two sets of results back and after feeling very anxious for several weeks I can now breathe.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for your caring, kind and loving messages.

“You proved that social media can be a good place, watching out for each other is always a good thing, and I feel blessed.

“Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll start to feel less tired and my old self again. Gratitude to you all. Thank you from my heart to yours.”

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