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Morrisons acquires “significant stake” soft plastics recycling facility

Morrisons has acquired a “significant stake” in a soft plastics recycling plant in Fife, Scotland.

The recycling plant is owned by Yes Recycling, and means that Morrisons will become the first UK supermarket to own its own recycling operations.

Morrisons said the plant in Fife has an “initial capacity” of 15,000 tonnes and will process hard-to-recycle soft plastic – including chocolate wrappers, crisp packets, and food film.

In September, Yes Recycling said the plant is set to “open fully” by the end of 2021.

Morrisons is now “looking at ways to use the recycled material from the site for a range of applications, including store fixtures and fittings”.

“Lots of work has been done by retailers to reduce plastic, but little to recycle what remains,” Morrisons procurement director, Jamie Winter said.

“We’re taking on that challenge and making a significant investment in a state-of-the-art soft plastic recycling site. It’ll take problematic plastics, recycle them here in the UK, and give them a new life”.

The move comes as Morrisons has pledged to recycle and reuse the equivalent amount of plastic it puts on to the market within its own recycling facilities by 2025.

It has already announced it will reduce its own brand plastic packaging by 50 per cent by the same year.

Material collected in-store by Morrisons will be sent to its distribution centre in Bellshill before being sent to the plant.

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