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I’m A Celebrity fans praise David Ginola as he ‘exposes’ Naughty Boy for threatening to quit

I’m A Celebrity viewers have praised David Ginola for coming clean to the main camp about Naughty Boy.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old music producer threatened to quit the show alongside Arlene Phillips.

But as the pair changed their minds last night, David was keen to explain the situation as the camps merged together.

I’m A Celebrity: David joins main camp

During last night’s show (November 24), both camps were reunited.

David explained to Frankie Bridge how miserable they were in the Clink, and that Naughty Boy was thinking of leaving.

He said: “Arlene was down and Naughty Boy almost left.

He said, ‘I’m out.’ We couldn’t understand why there was such a separation from both camps.”

The 54-year-old former footballer continued to update his fellow campmates on Naughty Boy.

Later on, David shared: “You don’t know how much it was of a struggle.

“We started to hate you because we were lacking of everything. Arlene felt humiliated.”

As Naughty Boy walked into camp, David added: “Just before you arrived, I put everything on the table.

“I said at one point we hated them.”

Naughty Boy explained: “Not hate you guys individually, we just hated the idea of having to be against you.”

David’s comments didn’t go unnoticed with viewers at home.

Many took to social media to praise the star for coming clean to the campers.

How did I’m A Celebrity viewers respond?

On Twitter, one said: “Props to David for being honest, better to say it now before it comes out later and/or they see Naughty Boy’s comment when they get out haha #ImACeleb.”

Another added: “At least David was bold enough to expose Arlene & Naughty Boy: #ImACeleb.”

A third wrote: “Love the way that David Ginola is discreetly letting the other camp mates know that Naughty Boy is hard work to deal with. #ImACeleb.”

Another tweeted: “Naughty Boy backtracking there when David had said what he was saying last night.”

One stated: “Respect to David for telling them on the quiet side before Naughty Boy and Arlene could get a word in and raise tensions.”

However, some viewers didn’t agree with David’s actions.

Another posted: “Naughty Boy is so two faced. And David is a bit of a [bleep] stirrer isn’t he? #ImACeleb.”

A second shared: “David speaking for Arlene and Naughty boy – is not what I want to see.”

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