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I’m A Celebrity fans baffled by ‘mark’ on Naughty Boy’s face

I’m A Celebrity star Naughty Boy left viewers baffled by a white mark on his face on last night’s show.

Viewers speculated what the white mark was, with guesses ranging from it being a scar to bird poo!

What was on Naughty Boy’s face?

During last night’s show (Sunday, December 5), Naughty Boy could be seen with a white mark on his face.

During a disagreement with fellow campmate Kadeena Cox about the cooking, the white mark can be seen on Naughty’s right cheek.

Viewers got a closer look at the mysterious mark when the record producer spoke to cameras in the Telegraph. It looks like a white smudge, however, fans were still left with the mystery hanging over them by the end of the show.

It has yet to be revealed what the mark on Naughty Boy’s face actually was. That didn’t stop fans asking or speculating, though.

What did I’m A Celebrity fans say online?

Fans headed to Twitter to discuss the white mark on the DJ’s face.

“What’s with the mark on Naughty Boys face? Doesn’t appear in the light, but it’s there in the dark. Is it a scar which shows up on the night cam?” one fan asked.

“What’s that on Naughty Boy’s face?” another asked.

“Has a bird [bleeped] on Naughty Boy’s face?” a third I’m A Celebrity fan said.

A fourth fan posted a humourous picture of a woman squinting at something in the distance with the caption: “Me getting close to the TV to see what’s on Naughty Boy’s face.”

What else happened on I’m A Celebrity last night?

Meanwhile, at the weekend, Naughty Boy also had a bust-up with Kadeena Cox. The pair fell out over rice again, in an argument that left the Paralympic star in tears. Naughty Boy called the athlete rude during the argument, which Kadeena didn’t take kindly to.

“Why are you shouting Kadeena?” Naughty Boy asked later on.

“Because you’re annoying me, don’t call me rude, if you’re gonna call me rude just allow it,” she snapped. “I’m not even interested.

“All I’m trying to do is make sure people eat,” she added.

After Naughty Boy left, Kadeena started to cry and was comforted by Louise Minchin and Snoochie Shy.

Last night, Naughty Boy, along with Matty Lee, managed to win six stars for the camp during the Gross Vegas trial. The pair were forced to eat turkey testicles and have bugs dumped on their heads.

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