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How to take care of your pet’s nutrition?

If you are a pet parent, you will realise the need to worry about their health and diet. It is never an easy task to deal with a pet and take responsibility. When you bring home a pet baby, you are entitled to their well-being and good health, and so you must be well aware of their diet and other healthy activities. 

A pet that is well taken care of, does not fall ill often and grows to be healthy and fit. The diet of the pets plays an important role in their hearty growth and active response. Although, in most cases, people are used to feeding their pets, like cats and dogs from the scraps of their dining table or home-cooked foods. But many a time, they miss out on providing the proper nutrition and balanced diet as per their pet’s requirement. 

And this is where commercial pet foods step in. They are prepared keeping in mind the requirement of various pets and provide the perfect ratio of the various nutrients and vitamins. The market brought Open Farm Gently Cooked foods are prepared exclusively for pets, to provide them with a nutrition-packed balanced diet. 

There are many such options for pet foods that are pre-prepared and ready-to-serve foods, which are a great alternative for your furry child. These foods are a great combination of flavour, portion, and nutrition that are just the right nutriment for your pets. Foods like the Primal Freeze-Dried foods can be easily defrosted and heated to serve your furry baby with a nutritious and delicious platter. 

In addition to the inclusion of these commercial pet food products, certain essential guidelines can help you in feeding your pet child better. Check out some of the recommendations on how to serve nutrition to your pet. 

Hydration: Similar to humans, pets also need access to clean and sufficient water for good nutrition. An unhealthy or dirty water source can only invite diseases and bad health. Did you know that more than half of the total body percentage of your pet is water? Well, that’s right. And so it is important to keep your pets hydrated all the time. It is recommended that you provide them with two and a half times the food as water. And if you have a puppy, you need to be more conscious of their hydration as they are prone to get dehydrated. 

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates should consist of a good percentage of your pet’s diet. Carbs play an important role in the growth and energy of your pet and so you should consider feeding them with Primal Freeze Dried foods that have a significant percentage of carbohydrates. However, you should take care that they are not given an excess of carbohydrates as it can promote the accumulation of fats in the body that could lead to obesity. You should consider feeding them with a balance of fibre and carbs for proper nutrition.

Fat: Adding fats to your pet’s diet is very essential as fats are a great source of energy. Moreover, fats are great for healthy skin and furry coats. Thus, including fish, chicken, meat and oils in their diet can provide them with the required amount of fats. Your pet will look nourished and healthy when a proper balance of carbs, fats, fibre, and water is maintained in their diet. 

Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins and Minerals are essential for your pet as they will improve their metabolism and help in the normal functioning of the immune system. Minerals like iron are essential for a healthy body and calcium for strong bones and teeth. So, whether you are feeding them homemade foods or commercially brought pre-cooked food, check for the nutritional value. It is also important to build the immunity of your pets to fight various seasonal and other diseases, and for that, a balanced diet is the best option.

Are Commercial food better than homemade foods for pets?

The most important factor in a pet’s diet is its nutritional value. And as long as the nutritional requirement of your pet is met, it really doesn’t matter whether you feed them commercially brought foods or home-cooked ones. 

But, what happens in most cases is that many people feed their pets with the food from their plates. Now, that is troublesome as the pet’s digestive system is not accustomed to savouring the spicy and rich foods that humans have. Although they will love eating from your plates but in the long run, it can be harmful and unhealthy for them. 

And even when you are cooking them foods that are cooked with their preferences in mind, you can still miss out on the key nutrients. The nutrient requirements of your furry babies are different from humans and so the market-available commercial foods like Open Farm Gently Cooked turkey or chicken are formulated with the required amounts of essential nutrients. These foods make for the best substitute to feed them with. 

Final Word

Needless to say, you must have by now realised the need and way to take care of your pet’s diet and nutrition. Make sure you feed them with a balanced diet and keep them hydrated from time to time. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of their diet and other requirements. So, follow the recommendations to have a long and healthy period with your furry baby.

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