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How Not To Be Scammed In New Online Casinos

Recently, there has been a very sharp increase in the number of online casinos. New casinos springing up is a result of the demand from new players entering the market India is now the largest gambling market in the world with the highest rate of new online casinos and users.

Interestingly, the majority of the new online casinos are not real. They are scammers trying to take advantage of the increase in demand to scam innocent and ignorant casino players. As such, players need to be careful before choosing online casinos. You need a reliable source to find a new casino online before investing your money for both pros and newbies.

Things to Do To Avoid Being Scammed In Online Casinos

It takes diligence and some level of research to identify a fake online casino because sites camouflage and design their platforms just like a real casino. However, there are simple steps and info you should check to spot a fake online casino.  The following are tips in identifying fake casinos;

1.Check out the casino review

One major way to spot a scam online casino is by checking out the casino reviews. You need to critically analyze the operation and the feedback about the casino brand. There are websites dedicated to the review of casino platforms, which you can check to see if your chosen brand is real or fake.

Likewise, honest reviews from people who have played on such platforms can also help in identifying the real or fake casino. Such reviews can be gotten online too. This will help you determine if your choice of casino brand is good or bad for you.

2. Evaluate the terms and conditions

Another way to identify a fake online casino platform is through the terms and conditions of the brand. On many occasions, people find it difficult to read and digest terms and conditions. Meanwhile, it is one of the keys to identify what lies ahead of you in a casino platform. You should critically study the terms and conditions before playing.

The terms and conditions contain information such as withdrawal limits and wagering requirements. If there are predatory terms, you can easily discover this while reading the terms and conditions.

3. Check the available deposit options

The deposit options available on an online casino are an indicator of its legitimacy. A legitimate online casino will make use of reliable deposit options like credit and debit cards. It may also include deposit options using third-party platforms or e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. A real online casino must have various payment options a player can choose from.

Therefore, when the platform has only one deposit option, it may probably be a fake online casino. Most especially, when the only deposit option is a payment into what looks like a personal account. You should avoid such casinos.

4. Check the gaming software developers

The software provider for an online casino brand can help determine how reliable and accountable a casino brand is. This is because a scam online casino may not have the requirements to integrate games from popular gaming software providers. Therefore, when you notice the games available are not traceable to popular software developers. You need to think twice before putting your money in such a casino.

5. Check the licensing information

Most legist casino brands are licensed by a gambling or gaming commission. This helps the government in regulating the activities of casino houses. If an online casino is not traceable to any regulatory body, it is easy for the casino to probably is a scam casino you must avoid.

What Happens When You Play With A Scam Casino

Many players have fallen victim to online casino scams. As a result of this, they either lose money, suffer information loss with all many regrettable experiences. The following are what happens with a scam online casino;

  • Unfair games

Scam online casinos offer unfair games to increase player’s chances of losing. Such casinos use doctored gaming systems which makes it impossible for players to win.

  • Outrageous withdrawal limit

In an attempt to disallow players from withdrawing their deposit or winning, scam casinos implement outrageous withdrawal limits and wagering requirements. Most of the time, the wagering requirements are outrageous and difficult to fulfill, which players may never reach.

  • Bogus bonus

Scam online casino offers outrageous bonuses to woo players into playing with them. Unfortunately, you will discover that it was all fake after registering.

  • Slow payment

Another deed of scam online casinos is slow payment. Payment of winning can take weeks to be processed. This is a deliberate attempt to frustrate the player into forfeiting the money.


Casino players can fall victim to fake online casinos if proper care is not taken. It is possible to be scammed while looking for an unreasonable bonus and winnings. You should be extremely careful in your choice of casino brand. Do some research when you need to find a new casino online that is reliable and do check our pointers for help.

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