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How much do Emmerdale actors earn? Some cast members are raking it in

Soap stars can be some of the highest paid actors on television – how much do Emmerdale actors earn?

Six figure salaries are not unheard of for the bigger stars in the Dales.

However while details of Coronation Street and EastEnders’ biggest stars’ pay packets are widely known, there’s more secrecy on the Yorkshire set soap.

The actors are paid based on the number of appearances they make on the show.

Each episode they appear in will earn them a fee.

It has previously been reported that the ITV soaps pay anything between £400 to £2000 per episode.

And with six episodes a week, those fees can soon add up.

Their contracts will give them a guaranteed minimum number of appearances – but they could well be in many times more episodes depending on their storylines.

Emmerdale stars cash in on social media

While no actor will appear in every episode, many have been known to appear in 180+ over a year.

That could easily net them a significant chunk of change – especially for the more established stars.

However the pandemic shutdown of the soaps put a spanner in the works.

Stars used to collect huge pay cheques for simply appearing in a pub scene on the show.

With the numbers limited still, pay across the board was cut down.

Tense negotiations between the soaps and the actors’ unions eventually came to an agreement that benefited all concerned.

However it has definitely had an effect on the earning ability of some of Emmerdale’s stars – and they have looked elsewhere to plug the gap.

While some such as Charley Webb and Danny Miller have left to pursue other opportunities, others have begun to cash in on their fame.

Recently ITV changed the rules around stars’ using their social media platforms to make money.

Still controlled by the soaps, actors can now rake in thousands extra a month plugging brand-safe partnerships.

With their contracts, that means many Emmerdale stars can be easily making £250,000 a year or more.

Nice work if you can get it.

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