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ABCs: Sister dailies’ online arm tops social media charts

The online arm of two sister dailies has featured in the top two for growth on both Facebook and Twitter.

ABC figures released today have revealed the fast growing regional press titles on social media from participating publishers.

Wales Online, which represents Trinity Mirror’s Welsh print products including the South Wales Echo and Western Mail, scored the highest increase in the number of Twitter ‘followers’ between January and June this year, when compared with the same period in 2015.

It also scored the second highest year-on-year increase for the number of Facebook ‘likes’, with that chart being topped by TM sister title the Southport Visiter.

TM submits social media data to ABC on a monthly basis, while for these six-monthly results comparable data from Archant and Midland News Association dailies was also included.

The full list of Facebook page likes, in order of year-on-year percentage change, is as follows:

Facebook pageNumber of ‘likes’Y-o-y pc
Wales Online269,775137.8
North Wales Daily Post115,291137.3
Birmingham Mail221,175102.4
Chronicle Live186,03194.3
Huddersfield Daily Examiner70,79989.7
Express & Star, Wolverhampton99,27485.1
Nottingham Post70,85378.1
Norwich Evening News11,21577.2
Manchester Evening News1,039,83462.4
East Anglian Daily Times6,24261.5
Coventry Telegraph31,62357.8
Teesside Evening Gazette96,19550.2
Ipswich Star11,16249.8
Shropshire Star28,25942.5
Liverpool Echo1,114,48719.3

The full list of Twitter accounts, in order of year-on-year percentage change, is as follows:

Twitter pageNumber of ‘followers’Y-o-y pc
Wales Online119,81364.9
Birmingham Mail156,25261.6
Express & Star, Wolverhampton91,12653.7
Chronicle Live, Newcastle105,84551.8
Coventry Telegraph50,45551.6
Shropshire Star52,50943.5
Manchester Evening News339,77142.8
East Anglian Daily Times31,98242.6
Teesside Evening Gazette50,01241.9
Norwich Evening News36,76741.7
Eastern Daily Press63,95041.6
North Wales Daily Post61,42838.4
Huddersfield Daily Examiner42,31735.8
Liverpool Echo288,81233.3

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