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‘A mess’ — RTE Ultimate Hell Week fans all saying same thing after ’emotional’ episode

Fans of RTE’s Ultimate Hell Week were left shocked on Wednesday as four more contestants called it quits after a particularly gruelling week.

Contestants like Fiona O’Carroll, Michael McKillop and Setanta O’hAilpin were all pushed to their limits as this week’s challenges saw the show crank up the heat.

These demanding tasks saw the celebrities moving 20kg sandbags while chained together, carrying a log while their vision is restricted and climbing steep steps with limited oxygen.

In classic UHW style, DS and leader Ray Goggins were on hand to offer some words of support to our brave celebrities, saying; ‘Emotions are like buses – another one will be along in a minute.’

Sadly this encouragement was not enough for four contestants, who said goodbye to the competition on Wednesday night.

Despite making it up the steps, Michael collapsed as he reached the top, with his sandbag hitting him in the back of the head. This incident was the final straw for Michael, who decided to call it a day.

‘It’s okay to be different. I hope that I’ve shown that that’s possible, even if you have a disability,’ he commented upon his departure.

The Paralympian wasn’t the only one to leave the show this week, with former Miss Ireland Pamela Uba, also bidding farewell to Ultimate Hell Week.

Ray even let his tough guy guard down upon her departure, and said she had overcome a lot of struggles both in the show and in her real life.

She responded with; ‘I’m my biggest critic and today I’m proud of myself.’

Luke was next to go, with the steep steps and water goggles proving too much for him. Similarly, jockey Oisin Murphy couldn’t take the heat, as the final celeb to call it quits on Wednesday night’s episode.

Many fans of the show flocked to Twitter to show their support for the celebs, clearly in awe of their resolve.

You are a boss @Pamela_Uba!!! You should be proud of yourself. Sweet mother that was hell!!! #hellweek#ultimatehellweek,’ one user boasted.

‘Absolutely bet into #UltimateHellWeek, have so much respect for every person who does it. I’m a mess watching I don’t know how they do it,’ a second shared.

‘Huge respect for Michael McKillop .. Man seems like a true gent #UltimateHellWeek,’ a third wrote.

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