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4 Bald Head Caring Tips

Scalp care for Baldness

Well, there is a definite thing about being bald, it’s neat. But keep in mind that once you decide to go bald and do the same by picking up an Electric Head Shaver, does not mean that you throw caution to the wind and live like a pirate. Bald head scalp care is paramount. And is there any reason for not applying bald head care? Yes, obviously you are Vin Diesel or The Rock, but you can surely become the best version of the bald head there is, indeed. When you decide on a hairless noggin achieved with a Head Shaver, it means less money and time spent on styling and haircuts. But unless you can live with a head carpeted with skin flakes and random hairs, you still need to put in more effort. Find out what it consists of below:

(1) Keeping it smooth in the booth: You are already aware of the fact that even the baldest of folks have to deal with parches of follicles. Here’s how you can keep it smooth after you have shaved your head with an Electric Head Shaver.

  • Make use of electric clippers for trimming purposes.
  • Clean your fully shaven scalp with hot water and soap.
  • Make sure to apply shave butter or shave lather to your entire scalp.
  • Make use of a fresh razor that deploys long, smooth strokes.
  • The area around the ears is quite vital, so pay attention while you shave and wash that area.
  • Always make sure to use sufficient water that would rinse away any random follicles and extra shaving cream.
  • After shaving with a Head Shaver, drape a hot, wet towel for a few minutes in order to preclude ingrown hairs.
  • Look for fuzzy spots to shave off. You can easily do this by running your hands over your head.
  • And last, but not the least, slap on a soothing shaving cream.

Here you are with a smooth booth.

(2) Keep it mean and clean: This is undoubtedly the number one priority. Folks with bald heads should keep using shampoos and conditioners because these products are not fruitful for the hair but also for the scalp as well. Shampooing and conditioning your scalp help remove gunk and thereby, fosters a healthier scalp. Do you have stubble? Then, these products will aid you in minimizing prickliness between shaves. Alternatively, you can also use a scalp scrub to remove any gunk buildup. Furthermore, blood flow and circulation gets augmented by massaging these products on your scalp skin. This not only gives you a better feeling but also ameliorates the look and feel of your scalp.

(3) Keeping it moist in your hoist: It is mainly because of the hair that moisture remains on the scalp. Thus, after shaving their head with an Electric Head Shaver, men should moisturize their hoists by picking up a decent product at least once a day and thereby preventing flakiness and dryness. Doing this will not only enhance the look of your scalp but also give it a good shine as well.

But again you would never want your hoist to be a lighthouse by getting your shine on. You can shine, sure, but at the same time, you have to be moderate in your glow. A delicate balance is a polished bald head. This is because natural oils are produced by your scalp, and this is where scalp scrubs and shampoo come in to help you deal with this. As a man, it is not always possible to carry around facial wipes, but if you have a habit of carrying them, then make sure that you grab a discreet wipe of the scalp on a frequent basis.

(4) Scalp Massage: Scalp massage is paramount to ensuring blood flow in the scalp. This is one of the ways to take care of your bald head. Every time you shave your head with a Head Shaver, get a scalp massage. When you shave your head, you get rid of the dead skin cells over your scalp. And just don’t use water. The use of shaving cream is an absolute must. Also, there are chances that after you shave your head with an Electric Head Shaver, you may get razor burns and razor bumps. Yes, needless to say, they are annoying, but a scalp massage is vital in easing that exasperating itch of the shaved head. A scalp massage also takes care of the impact of UVB rays. A part of bald head care is to protect your scalp from these rays, which need to be taken care of.

Final Take:

So, these were some of the useful tips to take care of your bald head after you have shaved your head with a Head Shaver. Follow them and take your bald head maintenance to the next level.

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