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‘I know that’s crazy to say’ – Deontay Wilder surprisingly backs Anthony Joshua to beat Tyson Fury if fight ever happens, but says AJ must improve ‘mentally’ to earn redemption

Deontay Wilder has unexpectedly said that he believes Anthony Joshua may well beat Tyson Fury, if the pair ever actually meet in the ring.

The two Brits have recently been in negotiations to fight on December 3, but talks collapsed over the past week.

Prior to this breakdown of the proposed bout, Wilder was asked for his thoughts.

“I can see that fight going the distance,” he told Big Fight Weekend.

“I don’t see that fight being a knockout or nothing like that.

“And I can see Joshua beating him. I know that’s crazy to say or some people will be like, ‘How do you see that?’

“Some people would think so. But I could really see Joshua winning that fight to be honest.

“If he goes in and do what he has to do and not think so much. I think Joshua thinks a lot. He doubts himself a lot as well.

“I don’t think he has a lot of self motivation or self confidence. That’s just my opinion, that’s just me on the outside looking in.

“I know what it takes to be a warrior, a killer, to have a killer mindset, to look in the eyes of a killer. The energy, the feel. I don’t get that from him, I don’t sense that from him.

“But I think if he goes in correct, and he doesn’t need a lot of correction, if he corrects certain things mentally.

“I think everything’s mental for him. Physically he can get everything else done, but sometimes it’s just that mental part.

“Mental is the biggest part in this business. I think if he changes certain things mentally, he could come back and redeem himself more so than ever.”

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