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I compared Easter Eggs to see if there’s a difference between the cheapest and most expensive

The UK chocolate Easter Egg market is worth in excess of £220million with sales growing every year

Easter Eggs are big business, but you don’t have to splash the cash to treat your children this year. The market is worth in excess of £220million with sales growing every year as the choice of eggs in the shops expands with new ranges being added all the time.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are still the most popular with more than 500 million being sold every year – that is 3.5 for every person in the UK. Whether you want to stock up in advance or simply treat yourself to a chocolatey treat, what is important to know is that you’re getting the best possible deal on your Easter egg. So, we have looked at a range of eggs from the most expensive to the cheapest to find out exactly what you get for your money.

The earliest eggs were actually hen or duck eggs that were decorated and painted in bright colours at home with vegetable dye and charcoal. It wasn’t until the 17th and 18th centuries that saw the manufacture of egg-shaped toys which were given to children at Easter, and the Victorians started the tradition of giving their children elaborate satin covered eggs filled with gifts and chocolates.

The earliest ‘decorated’ eggs were plain shells enhanced by chocolate piping and marzipan flowers, and Cadbury’s first Dairy Milk egg was launched in 1905. It is a market that has grown every year since, and today you will find rows and rows of eggs in all shapes and sizes in all the major retailers.

We went to Tesco to have a look at the most expensive and cheapest eggs on sale there to find out how much value you get for your money.

Verdict: “The box is by far one of the biggest on sale and looks extremely impressive with its bright colours and pictures of rabbits on the front. We actually measured the box because we were shocked by the small size of contents inside, compared to the size of the box, which was 35cm by 25cm.

“Our initial excitement at what was inside, turned to shock when we found that it was mainly filled with packaging for an average sized egg that measures around 16cm in height, a large Lindt rabbit and a small Lindt rabbit. The chocolate is very nice, but it was upsetting to see how much wasted packaging had been used. We were very disappointed to have paid £15, even £12 with the Tesco clubcard deal, because it feels like you are paying more for the box than the actual egg.”

Galaxy Truffle

Galaxy Truffles milk chocolate 292g

Cost: £10 or £8 with a Tesco clubcard

What is inside: One egg and a small box with 12 truffles inside

Verdict: “The dark packaging looks classy and sophisticated and stands out on the shelf. Not too much disappointment when you open the box as there is a nice quantity of truffles included in a small box along with the egg. The chocolate is a bit too heavy for me, but the rest of the family really enjoyed the treat and at £8 with a clubcard, it is good to be able to keep the price under £10.”


Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg 262g

Cost: £8

What is inside: One egg and a box of nine assorted chocolates

Verdict: “The egg is dark chocolate and pink coloured decoration. The packaging is quite old fashioned, but would make a nice treat for an older relative. The egg is separate and there is a nice box of nine assorted Thornton’s chocolates in a small box. Flavours include gooey caramel, tempting toffee and strawberries and cream. It is very nicely presented and the chocolate is melt in your mouth, not bad for £8 if you want to treat a family member.”

Mini Eggs

Hollow milk chocolate egg 130g

Cost: £1

What is inside:An egg with one bag of 11 solid milk chocolate eggs in a crisp sugar shell.

Verdict: “Mini eggs have always been a bit hit in our house, and how can you go wrong with a £1 egg? My mother’s favourite, she would always buy her grandchildren a Mini Egg treat at Easter, and she would definitely have approved of this. Nice, colourful packing that you would be happy to have on the sideboard as the children eagerly await Easter Sunday. The small bag included in the box has 11 eggs in it, which is not bad for the price, especially as the egg is also a decent size.”

Kit Kat

Milk chocolate egg 129g

Cost: £1

What is inside: An egg with a KitKat Chunky snacksize bar

Verdict: “Anotheregg that is great value for just £1. Nicely packaged, the snack-size bar is a a good size and the egg is just right the size to give the children a treat without making them feel sick. This would be ideal if you are bulk buying for an event, and the recipients would not be disappointed. Nice as well to see that the packaging has been kept to a minimum.”


Chocolate egg that is vegan and gluten free 80g

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